23 March 2017 - NWAS crew member rescues neglected dog from patient's house

A North West Ambulance Service crew member has been reunited with the dog she rescued from a severe case of neglect.

Whilst attending a job over the Christmas period, Emergency Medical Technician Joanne Hackney, based in Stockport, discovered a severely neglected dog whose condition was so bad the Police were forced to remove it from the property. The dog was extremely malnourished and covered with skin sores.

Joanne said “The dog had been left with no bed to lie on and no food or water for however many days or weeks. We were completely taken aback by this little dog who despite being starving and unwell, still greeted us with a wagging tail and came over to say hello”

Following the discovery, the dog was taken to a local veterinary centre and later to a private boarding kennels for dogs. Concerned for the animal’s welfare, Joanne continually called the Police and boarding kennels daily for more than a month for an update on the dog’s condition. Sadly, the dog’s condition began rapidly deteriorating after he was refusing to eat and drink.

A few days later Joanne was granted permission to visit the dog who was severely emaciated but pleased to see her. Having made numerous further phone calls to the Police and the boarding kennels, Joanne received the call she’d been waiting for and she’d been granted permission to formally adopt the dog.

Joanne adds “He has a lovely temperament and gets on really well with my other dogs. My friends and colleagues have donated numerous coats and toys and he can now live out is final days in happiness”

For more information on Joanne and Nico’s story, click here to watch a short video.