5 July 2017 - Animated Gecko Joins Ambulance Crew!

GeckoNorth West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has teamed up with Toddler Fun Learning to produce a fact filled, fun video about ambulances and the wonder of technology means the animated presenter could join the crew!

‘Gecko’ – the chirpy reptile is a regular presenter of children’s films and in this video, he meets ambulance crew, Paul Dunbar and Terry Allen, from Liverpool. After showing viewers around the vehicle, he then shifts to North West Ambulance Service’s new state of the art logistics centre in Haydock.

In the huge new garage there, Gecko watches mechanics fix ambulance lights and sirens and explains why the ambulances need a special garage, while his friend Blue Mechanical gets a bit of a soaking from one of the staff!

The video is one of a series by Toddler Fun Learning, based in Merseyside. Toddler Fun Learning is an educational App and YouTube channel for children aged 1 – 6, with Gecko’s Real Vehicles one of the many shows that they make. Each episode features a different vehicle and teaches children facts about them whilst also meeting the crew who operate the vehicle. The team approached NWAS about featuring an ambulance and filming took place with a paramedic crew earlier this year.

Creative Director, Christian Hughes comments:  “It was an absolute privilege filming with the crew of the North West Ambulance service for our latest Gecko’s Real Vehicles episode.  The whole aim of this series is to educate children about different vehicles, but more importantly make them aware of different, important jobs in the world around them.  Introducing children to ambulances in a fun and informative way will hopefully cut back the mystery around ambulances and ease any fears if they were to have to travel in one.”

Head of Communications, Julie Treharne comments: “Engaging with young children is very important for the Trust and this is the ideal way for them to see what we do and what’s inside those huge yellow vehicles they see whizzing by! Who knows? Maybe by watching the video, some youngsters may be inspired to become Paramedics when they grow up!”

The video is available on You Tube and via the Toddler Fun Learning app.

The Toddler Fun Learning App can be downloaded here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/toddler-fun-learning-educational-videos-for-kids/id1115147391?mt=8

Toddler Fun Learning YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UClBcKfQVIs