8 June 2017 - Keep safe this Ramadan

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) is calling on everyone observing Ramadan this month to keep safe and stay healthy while doing so.


The Trust understands that participating in Ramadan is a major occasion for thousands of Muslims up and down the North West.


It is, however, vital to the health of everyone participating in Ramadan that all is done to fast as safely as possible and maintain good health during an important spiritual period.


Basheer Gulaid, Urgent Care Assistant for NWAS said: “It is important to remember to drink plenty of fluid between fasts, especially water, as the risk of dehydration is higher when fasting during the warmer months. If during this Ramadan period you start to feel unwell, disorientated or confused, our advice as supported by Islamic principles is to stop fasting and have a drink of water or other fluid.


“This is particularly important for older people, those that require controlled medical conditions such as low/ high blood pressure or diabetes.


“Please also check on others in the community, especially those who may be at greater risk of ill health. Look out for young children that are attending mosque prayers fairly late and early on in the day to ensure they are having a safe and healthy Ramadan.


“If you do need our services while fasting, it is important that you tell ambulance crews that you are doing so, allowing them to factor this into your care.”


NWAS would like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak.