22 May 2018 - A letter to Manchester

Dear Manchester,

Monday 22 May 2017 is a date that will never leave us.Manchester Badge

Like you, everyone at North West Ambulance Service was shocked and horrified at the loss of life and injuries caused during the dreadful attack at the Manchester Arena. As an ambulance service, we are used to dealing with serious injuries but nothing could have prepared us emotionally for what we witnessed that night.

We would like to extend our thoughts to the families who lost loved ones and to the hundreds that were injured. This must be an extremely difficult time for you and we are in awe of the strength, courage and dignity you have shown. As we reflect today on this terrible event, we stand with you.

Amongst the tragedy, there was kindness shown throughout this great city. In the weeks following the attack, you, the people of Greater Manchester showed NWAS staff so much gratitude and we were overwhelmed by your messages and support. Our stations and offices were inundated with all manner of treats for our staff and our social media sites were full of your good wishes. It was heartening to see that in times of trouble, goodness and selflessness can shine through.

More than 300 NWAS staff from all over the north west were directly involved in this incident; teams on the frontline who treated patients and took them to hospital, those answering desperate 999 calls and others who worked behind the scenes co-ordinating the response. Every single one, and the colleagues who supported them will never forget that night and we hope never to experience anything like that again.

NWAS is proud and honoured to have to come to your aid and to have hopefully provided some comfort during that difficult night. Thankfully these types of incidents are very few and far between, but as we demonstrated a year ago, we are there for you when they do.

Please take care of each other, by standing together, we can overcome the darkest days and show those few who want to disrupt our lives, that our spirit is strong.


All at North West Ambulance Service.