26 January 2018 - Senior paramedics visit Kendal school

Vicarage Park School

Children from Vicarage Park Church of England Primary School in Kendal had a very important lesson from lifesavers on Thursday 25 January.

Senior paramedics from North West Ambulance Service, Tim Miles and Marie Graham, were invited to talk to the year two class about the ambulance service they are currently covering the subject of health.

They have already had someone in to show them bandaging and have visited Kendal Leisure Centre as well as learning all about Florence Nightingale amongst others.

Tim’s twin children, Harry and Lola, who are in the class, watched proudly as their daddy showed classmates equipment from the ambulance including the heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter and how to take blood pressure. 

Tim said: “They children got hands on – one of them child was fully immobilised and carried around the class room!

“They looked at the ambulance, pushed each other around on the stretcher and, of course, turned on the blue lights.

“They were also shown the recovery position and tried it on each other.

“We checked that the children know how to get help by phoning 999 if they need it. We talked about ‘little or big accident’ and gave out information on how to make the right call when they need help which they could share with their parents.

“Special thanks Mrs Moffatt for inviting us to take part!”