Foundation Trust Status

The Trust continues its bid to become a Foundation Trust.  I am pleased to announce that the Trust's application has been approved by the Department of Health's Application Committee and has received support from the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt.  These developments have allowed the application process to move forward into the final phase - assessment by Monitor, the independent regulator for Foundation Trusts.

The end of September saw us successfully reach our target of 8000 public members.   We are now looking ahead to the election process for the Council of Governors.   The Notice of Election is due to begin in November; the Trust is seeking four public Governors from each county in the region in addition to eleven staff Governors, and five appointed Governors from partner organisations.

This is an exciting and challenging time for the organisation, in which we much anticipate the final outcome.

To become a Governor, you must be a member of North West Ambulance Service. To sign-up, simply fill in a short form at

For more information about the elections, visit