Paramedic Pathfinder & Urgent Care Desk

NWAS' Urgent Care Strategy helps to better manage our resources and increase our ability to direct patients to the most appropriate pathway of care for their care needs.

A vital element of this strategy is Paramedic Pathfinder. Paramedic Pathfinder is a range of safe, consistent and clinically safe, triage and evidence-based processes, which enable NWAS clinicians to conduct accurate face-to-face assessment of individual patient's care needs, when they arrive on scene. 

Paramedic Pathfinder initiative works in tandem with other key developments in patient and healthcare management throughout the NHS, including Community Care Pathways.  Community Care Pathways are an alternative pathway of care for patients with long term conditions or complex health or social care needs, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes or patients are prone to falls and who are already known to care providers.  This enables NWAS crews to easily identify the most appropriate care option for the patient.

Since June 2012, the Pathfinder Team has identified 78 potential Community Care Pathway initiatives in the North West, with 15 set to proceed to implementation in the short term. 

The overall target for individual patient Community Care Pathways across the North West is 54,000 by 2017 and the Pathfinder Team are on track to achieve their initial 8,000 Community Care Plans, by end of March 2013.

There are currently Paramedic Pathfinders available for Medical and Trauma Patients. Three new Pathfinders are being developed, to cover Obstetric and Gynaecological, Children and Mental Health patients.

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