NWAS Non-Executive Directors

During the autumn the Trust commissioned a review of its governance arrangements.
A particular emphasis for the review was an evaluation of the Board to provide the necessary leadership for the Trust through what is likely to be an extended period of strategic change within the NHS in the context of an extremely challenging financial environment.  The scale of this challenge cannot be underestimated and nor can the impact that this may have on those individuals charged with governance i.e. the Board of Directors.  This is particularly the case for our Non-Executive Directors, who are not employed by the Trust, but are required to make a significant time commitment in providing their skills and expertise to the Board. 

Following completion of the review, discussions have taken place with each of our Non-Executive Directors to discuss their personal circumstances and agree whether they are able to commit their time and expertise to the Trust in the longer term.  As a result of this, a number of our current Non-Executive Directors have advised that, having established the broad strategy, whilst they remain very supportive and dedicated to achieving the Trust's goals, they feel unable to give the ever increasing level of time necessary to achieve these goals.  Consequently, Mrs Ruth Roberts, Mr David Peat and Mr Gary Parker have made the decision to relinquish their duties as Non-Executive Directors with effect from 31 December 2013.

The Trust is saddened by the imminent departure of these trusted colleagues and the Chairman would like to publicly thank each of them for their contribution to the work of the Board and Trust in ensuring the delivery of safe and effective patient care.

Looking ahead, the Trust will be working with the NHS Trust Development Authority to expedite the recruitment of suitable candidates with a view to having replacements appointed by March 2014.