The Trust is very pleased to report that once again, it has exceeded the national Government targets for ambulance response times for R1, R2 and A19 which came into effect 1 April 2013. The Trust is commissioned to attend 75% of Category R1 (the most serious life-threatening calls) and R2 (serious but not an immediate threat to life calls) within 8 minutes and 95% of A19 (amalgamation of R1 and R2 calls) within 19 minutes. The Trust's performance from April to November 2013 regionally for Red 1 was 75.9%, Red 2: 78.1% and A19: 95.7%.

The Trust is of course, entering its busiest time of year. December traditionally sees an increase in the number of calls received and severe weather can bring its problems such as accidents and RTCs and for those with respiratory illnesses. As always, the Trust prioritises all calls and must send resources to those with the most urgent need, during this busy period, it is therefore possible that those with minor conditions may have to wait longer than expected for a response.
Through the media and our social media sites, we are encouraging the public to use the 999 number wisely and if their condition is a minor one, to consider seeking advice from other sources such 111, pharmacies and their GP.  There's more about our #team999 social media campaign in this Bulletin.