Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Joint Initiaive

From 15 September 2015 Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) crews will be helping NWAS to deliver life-saving care for cardiac arrest patients as part of a new joint initiative.

When a person dials 999 to report a suspected cardiac arrest (a condition where the heart stops pumping blood around the body because of a fatal abnormal heart rhythm), both ourselves and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue will respond, and whoever reaches the casualty first will start providing life-saving treatment before ambulance crews can take over. Once the patient has been stabilised, they will then be conveyed to hospital by ambulance.

The scheme works in a similar way to our voluntary Community First Responder scheme, where trained members of the public are despatched to life-threatening emergency calls within their local community.  The added advantage to despatching fire crews, is their ability to respond on blue lights therefore arriving more quickly to a situation where literally every second can mean the difference between life and death.

Fire crews will be paged when a suspected cardiac arrest is reported within three miles of the fire station and despatched at the same time as an ambulance. Once the ambulance crew arrives, advanced life support will commence and the patient will be handed into the care of NWAS.