Operational Service Developments

Community Care Pathways in North Manchester - Within North Manchester, local healthcare professionals are actively working to support community care pathways and provide care planning for local residents.

It is anticipated that there will be approximately 70 new care plans being introduced each month, initially targeting COPD patients and frequent fallers who tend to use NWAS on a regular basis. In the near future, it is intended that there will be a Community Care Pathway in place for every patient known to the various teams involved in this project.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) career progression -   The Trust has now designed a progression model with partner universities for a programme for EMT1 staff, reflecting the range of experience and education within the workforce.

It is intended to commence the programmes between January and March 2016 and we will be aiming to commence the recruitment and assessment process early November 2015.

North West Falls Summit - The Trust held an event in October showcasing how falls patients are triaged and processed, how they undergo assessment and referral, how we identify patients who are safe to be left at home and examples of good practice.

Speakers at the event included Dr Martin Vernon, Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Director of Adult Community Services at CMFT along with Dr David Ratcliffe, GP & Deputy Medical Director of NWAS and was attended by approximately 120 representatives from Falls Services, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, Ambulance Services and other relevant stakeholders.

Medicines Support Team Available for East Lancashire Patients – A new referral scheme has been introduced in East Lancashire to enable ambulance crews to refer patients to a local medicines support team which consists of registered Pharmacy Technicians, a Clinical Pharmacist and administrative support.

The referral can be made if the patient:

• needs help managing medication

• has dexterity problems

• is at risk of falls and on four or more medicines a day

• has had multiple hospital admissions

• needs education regarding their medication

• has memory problems

• has a complex medicine regime which may have recently changed

• has difficulty swallowing medication

• would benefit from a medication review

All referrals will be followed by a medication review and a home visit from the Medicines Support Team and they may also offer compliance aids to promote independence with medication.