Shoctober Campaign

On 1st October, the Community Resuscitation team and the Communications team launched the ‘shoctober’ campaign to engage the public in identifying defibrillators in the community and notifying the Trust of their location to ensure they are on the database when called for a nearby cardiac arrest.  In the first two weeks there were almost 4,000 tweets (in the top 100 trending sites) and over 350 locations provided, of which 126 were unknown.

We have had ‘selfies’ with the locations from Members of Parliament, gyms, youth groups, emergency services, supermarkets and businesses as well as numerous members of the public which have all responded magnificently.  Healthwatch groups and Clinical Commissioning Groups have gone on to issue their own press releases in support of the campaign and we have had tweets and selfies from Florida, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain and Amsterdam, as well as a request from an ambulance service in Australia for advice as they want to replicate the campaign locally.