CQC Inspection


A Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection took place in August 2014 and gave staff and governors the opportunity to meet with the CQC. 

Some key messages shared with the Trust as a result of the visit included:

  • The pride and passion shown by everybody throughout the organisation was outstanding and positively commented upon by the entire inspection team. Their view was that NWAS is a very clinically focussed organisation and the compassion and professionalism demonstrated by all the patient facing staff observed undertaking their roles was excellent.
  • There were no areas of significant concern. This is fundamental to NWAS being seen as a safe organisation. There were a number of areas of concern that were  identified for correction prior to the follow up inspection, but there were also many areas that they considered to be outstanding as well.

As this has been the first pilot inspection of an ambulance service the Trust will not be officially rated on the basis of this inspection. Now the second pilot inspection has also been completed there will then be a pause whilst the inspection process for ambulance services is finalised.

The remaining NHS ambulance services will then be inspected and rated and then the CQC will come back with a further inspection for NWAS and South Central so that the Trust can then be rated.

At the end of September 2014, a follow up unannounced Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection took place, over a weekend period, in the Greater Manchester area. The inspection covered the 999 control room and operational functions.  The feedback report is due to be discussed at the Quality Summit in November.