Northern Ambulance Alliance

Northern Ambulance Alliance

The ambulance sector has a long history of working together and sharing good practice on an informal basis.  Closer working on an a more formal basis is essential and to move this forward the three ambulance services in the North (North West, North East and Yorkshire) have put in place formal processes to work together collaboratively on areas of mutual benefit to create a 'Northern Ambulance Alliance'.

The leadership of the three northern ambulance services have recognised that addressing service efficiency through a wide range of both incremental and transformational service improvements is essential to the continued delivery of clinically and financially sustainable services.

Our Trust Board and its collaborative partner Boards (YAS & NEAS) aim to deliver the following benefits:

  • Improve the quality and service delivery for all patients in the North of England
  • Maximise standardisation opportunities at scale across the North of England
  • Reduce the overall costs of the collective budgets of the three services

These aims will be delivered through maximising the opportunities from the Northern Ambulance Alliance by the three organisations working together strategically, planning for the future in relation to operational and support services, infrastructure and estate, manage recruitment and retention, and working with Commissioners to improve health outcomes for patients.

A structured process is needed to embody the principles of co-operation and so proposals have been developed for a Northern Ambulance Alliance Board (NAAB) consisting of all three Trust Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).