Quality Account 2014/15

The NWAS Board of Directors has now approved its Quality Account for 2014/15, which is now available to view on the Trust’s website.   All NHS Trusts are required to publish Quality Accounts each year.  They record the quality of service provided by the Trust and set Quality Improvement areas for the coming year.

Chief Executive Bob Williams would like to draw your attention to some particular headlines from the year:

  • It has been a very busy year.
  • Whilst we have kept a strong focus on performance, it is disappointing that we were unable to meet the three national response time targets for Red calls.
  • The number of 999 calls was far higher than predicted and the proportion of those calls categorised as “Red”, was higher.
  • We are addressing these issues with our Commissioners to ensure that we meet the response time standards in 2015/16.
  • On a more positive note, we have improved our quality performance in our Patient Transport Service (PTS) and the improvement notice issued in February 2014 was withdrawn in August
  • Satisfaction from patients and staff is high.
  • This year, we have fulfilled our ambition to create a team of trained volunteer doctors able to respond to Trauma emergencies.
  • A positive development further to the 2013/14 CQUIN programme has been the expansion of the Frequent Callers team.
  • The Trust was awarded a five year contract to provide 111 services from October 2015.

The Account records in detail the Trust’s performance against a wide range of indicators and identifies the following quality improvement areas for 2015/16:

  • Delivering and sustaining red call response times
  • Improving the management of mental health patients
  • Improving the management of patients suffering falls
  • Reducing harm to patients, especially those not transported (Safe Care Closer to Home)
  • Reducing harm to staff
  • Introduction of a Clinical Performance Indicator for the management of specified maternity conditions

If you have any comments or questions please contact Neil Barnes at NWAS Headquarters on 01204 498400.