From previous communications, you will be aware that the Trust is undertaking an extensive review of its property portfolio, including ambulances stations throughout the region. We have engaged with regional stakeholders at a dedicated event as well as with individual stakeholders with regard to their own local resource and have developed an Estates Strategy to help make our estate fit for purpose over the next three years.

In March, the Trust Board approved its Estates Strategy for 2013/14 - 2017/18 which focuses on the provision of an estate which will allow for safe, secure, high quality buildings and an infrastructure capable of supporting current and future models of service delivery.

One of the major items on the Estates agenda is the formation of a 'hub and spoke' model. The proposal is for the Blackpool and Fylde and North Manchester area to be served by a large station (hub), where staff can collect ambulances and take them to a deployment point (spoke) at the start of its shift. It will also act as a base for the vehicle.

Estates Review DocumentIf this model is adopted, it will not reduce the ambulance provision in the community, or the number of frontline staff, indeed it will improve ambulance provision in the area as it would be served by both the new large 'hub' station and from the deployment point.  However, the outcome of the review could mean that the local ambulance stations could be closed and replaced by this more suitable facility.  If this is the case, there will be a full and open discussion with local stakeholders.

'Future Focus: Right Care, Right Time, Right Place', a document detailing our future plans for our estates has been published and is available on our dedicated Estates microsite.