Trust Launches New Educational Campaign

A new campaign to show how NWAS helps patients get the right care was launched on 11 April 2013. On road, on foot, over the phone and in the sky; there are a number of ways the service can help to make sure patients get the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the variety of ways in which the service can help, including how it seeks alternatives for those patients whose conditions are deemed less serious, keeping ambulances free for those who need them most.

A short film featuring ambulance staff and volunteers is now available to watch on the Trust's social media pages and website: The film shows how the ambulance service endeavours to get the right care for each patient's specific needs and the fact that this won't necessarily be an ambulance.

In the case of non-life-threatening incidents, the service can do various things to help before an ambulance is dispatched - it utilises Specialist Paramedics to call back patients whose conditions are less serious; they can put patients in touch with their GP or a community specialist, advise them to visit their local Urgent Care Centre, book them an emergency appointment with a dentist or give self-care advice over the phone.

If an ambulance response is appropriate, there's more than the traditional ambulance crew available to help. The Service uses paramedics in cars and on cycles, air ambulances and trained volunteers too.

After assessment, ambulance staff have more options available than Emergency Departments - they can take patients to urgent care centres, refer them to a healthcare professional in the community or leave them at home with self-care advice.

The campaign was successfully launched via the media earlier this month and is already receiving very positive support via the Trust's Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Over the next weeks it will be circulated and promoted across the North West region.  For more information contact