Estates Review

The Trust's review of its property portfolio is ongoing with a number of stations being considered for either refurbishment, relocation or co-sharing with emergency service colleagues. June saw the opening of Formby's new fire station which ambulance crews will shortly be moving into. The Trust has attended a number of OSC meetings to discuss plans for stations and will ensure engagement with stakeholders on an individual and relevant basis.

At the time of this publication, the Trust is particularly focusing on our Barnoldswick, Newton Le Willows, Moreton, Belle Vue, Central Manchester, Clitheroe and Wardle stations. I will be writing individually to MPs, OSCs and patient groups regarding the stations in their constituencies to keep them informed of developments.

All decisions regarding the relocation of stations or resources are made following in-depth mapping exercises to determine the level of activity in the area and the distance covered and as always, the needs of the local community are paramount. The Trust firmly believes that it has an important responsibility in terms of how it manages its finances and that sharing facilities with our NHS or emergency service colleagues results in sound financial savings at no cost to the service we provide.