Major Trauma Systems Update

The Major Trauma systems across the North West changed this quarter resulting in a change in conveyance practice for the Trust.

In most cases, NWAS patients were previously taken to the nearest accident and emergency department where they are normally managed and admitted or transferred for specialist care. This new system will see some emergency departments becoming trauma units and a smaller number major trauma centres and so the patient may be taken directly to a centre more suited to their needs rather than the nearest.

To enable the Trust to respond to these changes, NWAS has implemented a Trauma Cell within our Broughton control room. This cell will help support staff when making decisions about the appropriate centre for patients falling into the major trauma category, ensure correct resources are dispatched and the receiving trauma centres are fully aware of the patient condition in time for the patient arrival. In addition, NWAS staff have received additional training and been fully briefed on the changes so they are able to make informed decisions with advanced clinical support.

The changes are being rolled out on a gradual basis throughout the region and your local PCT will be proactively communicating any changes to a clinical centre's status within their area.