I am pleased to report that for the first quarter of this year, the Trust achieved a Category A8 minute performance rate of 77.4%, exceeding the Government standard of 77.5%. This was a vast improvement on our performance in the same quarter last year when we achieved a performance rating of 74.5% This target was achieved throughout the North West region as a whole, with individual areas reporting figures of; Greater Manchester 76.7%, Cheshire & Mersey 77.6% and Cumbria & Lancashire 78.3%.

In the last quarter, the Trust received 284,162 '999' calls, a 5% increase on the number of calls received in the same quarter last year. For the month of July, the Trust has reported a performance for Category A on 79.5%. 

For the financial year, to the present day (up to 2 August), the Trust has reported a Category A8 performance of 77.9%, while our Category A19 performance stands at (%.1% against a national target of 95%.