From previous communications, you will be aware that the Trust is undertaking an extensive review of its property portfolio, including ambulance stations throughout the region. We have written to individual stakeholders with regard to their own local resource and are happy to answer any queries  anyone may have.

The Board of Directors had a meeting on the 31 July and approved the co-location of the Ambulance station with the Mersey Fire and Rescue Service into their new facility in Birkenhead. Discussions are taking place locally between the two services to agree the date of transfer.

Alan Stuttard, Acting CEO Bob Williams and Sector Manager Bob McGowan have met with both the local council and the local MP to discuss the proposals which involve the closure of Maghull Ambulance Station and the relocation of staff and the vehicle to Buckley Hill fire station two miles away. They have agreed to run a trial operating from the fire station to confirm that the residents currently served via Maghull Ambulance Station will not be adversely affected by the move.

Several meetings have taken place with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to discuss possible opportunities for co-location in the county. Meetings have been attended by Alan Stuttard and operational staff members.

As always, we will keep individual stakeholders updated as to any proposals in their area.