NHS 111 - Update

The Trust is continuing to work closely with lead commissioners and our delivery partners (FCMS and UC24) to mobilise the NHS 111 Service across the North West, in preparation for the service go live from October 2015.

An extensive training and recruitment drive is now well underway, with the aim of employing 344 call handlers, as well as 153 clinicians, with a training schedule in place throughout the mobilisation phase.

In preparation for the increase in staff, the redevelopment of Sefton House (Bolton,Middlebrook site) has commenced with the procurement of an extra office on the 1st floor in order to rehouse the full admin and support function of the NHS 111 Service.

A series of county level CCG meetings have been scheduled in July to inform key stakeholders of the changes, in order to promote a better understanding of the NHS 111 Service.  These meetings will aim to obtain commitment from the CCGs, to undertake definitive actions in order to appropriately support the mobilisation process and the smooth implementation of the full service.  Feedback obtained at these events will help inform how the NHS 111 Delivery Partners, Lead Commissioner team and County Leads approach future stakeholder events.