Electronic Referral & Information Sharing Service (ERISS)

Referral figures show over 100% increase year on year.

Within the last year, the Trust’s electronic referral and information sharing system, ERISS, has shown a significant increase in all referrals.

The increase underlines the fact that our clinicians and crews are confidently referring patients, with the knowledge that the patient will be seen quickly by a team of experienced and caring healthcare professionals, from within their own community. 

In the case of falls referrals, patients are supported in their home and receive appropriate care to avoid an unnecessary and for some, distressing trip to hospital. The reasons or issues causing the patient to fall repeatedly are identified, medication review is prompted and the patient is enabled to continue living safely in their own home.

Both falls and diabetes referrals have seen a dramatic increase; falls referrals have jumped from 359 in July 2014, to 755 in March 2015. The total falls referrals during the 12 month period were 5,628. For diabetes referrals, the figures are also impressive, with the referral rates doubling over the course of the year, from 41 to 81 referrals per month.