Performance April - June 2015

Red 1 (8 minutes) – 77.52% against a target of 75%

Red 2 (8 minutes) – 76.61% against a target of 75%

A 19 (19 minutes) – 95.19% against a target of 95%

Last year (2014-2015) was particularly challenging due to an unprecedented increase in 999 activity. This was not unique to the North West and was seen throughout the whole country and the NHS as a whole.

In total, we received a 9.1% increase in the number of high priority incidents (Red 1&2: 8 minute response), and a 2.3% increase in overall incidents (Red 1&2 & Green1-4).

To address this, the Trust has for some time been looking at ways to work differently and have introduced many initiatives such as Community Specialist Paramedics, created community care pathways and plans for patients, introduced frequent caller initiatives and launched public education campaigns.  We are also in the process of recruiting additional Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians and vehicles.  We have been working closely with Commissioners and CCGs to assist with this.

Towards the end of April 2015, due to the Trust missing the 2014/15 year end targets, we started to apply extreme focus on the delivery of the national performance standards with a clear performance management framework and robust action plan.  The aim of this plan was to ensure that we achieved the standards by the end of quarter 1.

The culmination of a drop in activity, improved hospital turnaround times and the focus on performance has had a positive impact on the performance and we returned the second highest Red 1 performance and the highest Red 2 performance of the English ambulance trusts for the second week in May.