999 performance

In 2016/17 we failed to achieve the government standards for responses to life threatening ‘red’ calls. This position was repeated across the country in other ambulance services who, along with the rest of the NHS, have faced significant pressures with more patients calling on our services.

Red 1 - 8 minutes in 75% of cases - 67.7%

Red 2, 8 minutes in 75% of cases - 62.7%

Transporting ambulance in 19 minutes in 95% of cases - 89%

Over 40% of patients who contacted the ambulance service last year were treated without going to an emergency department. At the end of the year, the number of patients dealt with over the phone totalled 135,149 (11.17%), those dealt with on scene totalled 260,676 (21.54%) and those taken to a centre other than an emergency department (ED) totalled 99,437 (8.22%).

Since April, we have faced challenges in meeting performance, particularly during the recent warmer weather. We are working with partner organisations on a number of positive schemes, one of which is the 30/60/90 day handover improvement programme.