Ambitious transformation programme takes off

Since the latter part of 2016 we have been working closely with our commissioners to ensure that we can respond to the challenges of the NHS Five Year Forward View, and to ensure that we develop a service that enables us to provide sustainable, high quality urgent and emergency care in the future.

Work has now started on our ambitious transformation - a two year programme of work centred on the concept of health prevention and promotion and early clinical decision making. 

The programme comprises seven core work streams and six themes that will run through the whole programme such as workforce development, interoperability, organisational culture, quality improvement, communications and engagement, and clinical leadership.

All areas of work will be united by the common goal of taking clinical decisions as far forward in the patient journey as possible, or by reducing demand before the call.

The Transformation Team is led by Mark Newton, Assistant Director of Transformation who will be working under the guidance of our medical director. We will share updates from Mark’s team in future briefings.