Estates Update

The Trust's review of its property portfolio continues with a number of stations being considered for either refurbishment, relocation or co-sharing with emergency service colleagues.

In this quarter, further appraisal and action has continued with: Barnoldswick, Stretford, Moreton, Westmorland, Clitheroe and Wardle stations.  A considerable amount of planning and discussion over the most cost effective and efficient usage of our estates portfolio and funding has resulted in the following developments for these stations:

Barnoldswick - On Monday 21 January 2013, the planned co-location of seventeen staff, one emergency ambulance and two Patient Transport Service vehicles into the town-central existing Police Station occurred.   The former Barnoldswick station is being disposed of.

Stretford - Work is underway on the preparation of the accommodation at GMP Stretford for the NWAS staff. It is anticipated that the relocation will take place in early March.

Wardle - Accommodation is being prepared at the nearby Birch Hill Hospital to create a deployment point for NWAS crews. It is expected that this will be ready in early March, from which time the Wardle vehicle will be based from Rochdale ambulance station and have access to welfare and charging facilities at Birch Hill.

Clitheroe - The Trust is looking at the potential to co-locate with the East Lancashire NHS, where we would occupy part of the proposed new build hospital in Clitheroe.