Patient Experience

The Patient Experience Team has now completed a total of 840 face to face surveys with both patients either using our PTS (non urgent) or PES (emergency) services.    The surveys took place across 12 North West Hospitals.  Reports are now being shared with the individual Hospital Trusts and actions plans are being drawn up which identify potential suggestions for change which could potentially improve and enhance future patient experience.  The action plan will form the work plan for the forthcoming year.

The second "Talktous" campaign is now underway.  This is a sophisticated on-line web platform which allows staff to log on and consider a challenge question.  They can post an idea or suggestion of their own, add comments to suggestions that have already been posted or simply vote against ideas.   

The first campaign back in October was hugely successful and prompted a total of 95 ideas, 364 comments and 1,165 votes.  The valuable feedback that resulted from this campaign has now been analysed and the team have been able to rank the staff comments in order of popularity.  This information is now about to be shared and already some of the suggestions have been taken up internally and acted on.