This period (November to January) has covered a very busy period for the Service, not only containing Christmas and New Year's festivities for many, but also with a deluge of snow and ice.  For the month of November, the Trust achieved an overall Cat A8 performance of 75.88%, and Cat A19 of 95.06%.

December was by far the busiest single month of 999 activity, with a 7% rise in emergency 999 calls when compared with the previous year.  The Trust was dealing with, on average, 3,400 999 calls and 1,180 Cat A incidents per day throughout the whole month; this is a result of a 12% increase in Cat A incidents.  As a result, the Trust did not meet national standards for the month, despite the implementation of pre-planned additional resources.  However, as always staff and managers worked extremely hard to provide the best possible service to patients, regardless of the high demand.  For example, on New Year's Eve the Trust was dealing with the equivalent of an emergency every 10 seconds for the duration of the 24-hour period.

Performance since the beginning of January has been back to our normal achieving standard, and we are currently meeting both A8 and A19 response times on a year to date basis.

In the last quarter, the Trust received 276,959 '999' calls, a 7.2% increase on the number of calls received in the same quarter last year.