Friends and Family Test

Since April 2013, patients receiving care as an in-patient or within emergency departments have had the opportunity to state whether or not they would recommend the ward or emergency departments to their friends or family as part of the Friends and Family Test (FFT) - a feedback initiative introduced by NHS England.

The test was extended to maternity services in October 2013 and will be introduced to all NHS funded services by March 2015 - including all ambulance trusts. Organisations using the test will be expected to make use of results to demonstrate service improvements.

The friends and family test postcards, have now been distributed to all ambulances.

Both Paramedic Emergency Service (PES) and Patient Transport Service (PTS) vehicles will carry the postcards, which will help the Trust to provide patients with the opportunity to give 'real time' feedback on the services that they have received - a national requirement that will become compulsory by 2015. They also provide the opportunity for patients to quickly and easily, pass on a compliment or a concern.

A well as this, NWAS successfully secured Pathfinder Project Status and received additional funding from NHS England for two projects which explore FFT in different way across the patient pathways to help inform future guidance. Full implementation of the FFT will be from March 2015.