NHS 111 - A Year On

It is a year since NWAS took over the ‘full’ North West region for NHS 111 call management.  It’s fair to say it has been an eventful period, with many challenges; however the service has developed a firm foundation, and is already forming a key part of the North West Urgent and Emergency care Strategy, leading a number of initiatives to better manage patient care, closer to home.

Public awareness of the NHS 111 is growing, and as expected, call numbers are already starting to grow as part of the planned seasonal ramp up, as we head into our second winter. NWAS NHS 111 is the largest single NHS 111 contract in the country, managing in the region of 33,000 calls a week.

The majority of the activity presented to NHS 111 occurs in the Out of Hours (overnight and weekend) periods, meaning our staff base needs to be incredibly flexible to manage the peaks and troughs in demand. We have worked hard this year to increase the numbers of part time and weekend workers to better manage performance pressure points. Additional staff are already in training for this winter.

In the last year we have answered 1,617,228 calls to NHS 111 in the region. Of these:

  • 58.42% were referred to Primary care (own GP or OOH service)
  • 17.83% were managed through telephone advice and self-care instructions
  • 13.00% were referred for an ambulance response and face to face assessment
  • 8.42% were advised to attend their local Emergency department
  • 2.34% were referred to other local services, such as crisis teams and other community services