Patient Transport Service CQUIN Scheme

The Trust’s 2016/17 Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) scheme for the Patent Transport Service has three main goals; to reduce long waiting times for patient return journeys, to reduce the number of cancellations and ensure better understanding of when patient escorts are required.

Currently we are surveying a number of patients from across all regions, who have had their transport cancelled or have travelled with an escort in the past, as well as healthcare professionals on their understanding of the cancellation process and use of escorts.  Once we have the surveys returned, an analysis exercise will be undertaken and an action plan created to ensure that, if required, appropriate processes, accessible information and guidance are put into place to achieve a reduction by the end of the financial year. 

In terms of reducing long waits, we are looking at introducing the following:

•              Patient identifiable, discreet stickers for all patients travelling on a PTS vehicle

•              Pager devises for patients who are reported ready (selected hospitals only)

We will also be undertaking a review of hospital waiting areas and working with local Healthwatch organisation too.