Animation to help choose health services

We’re urging the public to choose the right health service to get the best treatment this winter. Our ‘make the right call’ campaign aims to ensure that patients who need emergency care from ambulance crews are able to get it quickly by promoting alternative options to 999.

Less than 10 per cent of calls to the ambulance service are for the most time critical life-threatening injuries and illnesses such as cardiac arrests, allergic reactions and breathing problems.

Around half of calls are for serious conditions such as strokes and heart attacks. But the remaining calls - around a third - are for people with urgent care needs who could get treatment more quickly if they chose the most appropriate service first.

Whilst the service will not dispatch crews to every 999 incident, our emergency call handlers in the North West answer around 4,000 calls every day. If they are tied up on the phone dealing with non-emergencies then someone in a life or death situation could be waiting longer than necessary to get through.

We’ve created a new animation to highlight were people can get help, be that advice from a pharmacist for common health niggles, with their GP for health issues which will not go away, at an urgent treatment centre for minor illnesses and injuries or by calling NHS 111 for health advice.

To share the film on your website, use the following embed code:

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