Our strategy, vision and values

Our ambition is to be the best ambulance service in the UK, and every member of staff in every area of our service will contribute to us achieving this.

Due to the increasing demand on service delivery we have seen over the past few years, we have to change the way we operate and through a programme of transformation (Transforming Patient Care), we will be managing patient contacts in a different way.  For more information on Transforming Patient Care please visit http://www.nwas.nhs.uk/about-us/plans-for-the-future/transformingpatientcare

There are five principles which support our approach to the changes, below explains more about what they mean:


  1. Before the call – We will increase health promotion and prevention by effective engagement with patients. We will ensure that every patient contact counts.
  2. Answer my call – We will improve clinical support in our EOCs which will support the ‘hear and treat’ pathways to reduce operational pressures.
  3. Provide the right care – We will ensure patients receive an appropriate response to their medical needs.
  4. Respond to my needs – We will manage our resources more effectively and responsibly to ensure no patient is needlessly waiting.
  5. Direct me to the right place – We will ensure patients are directed to the most appropriate care provider, if an ambulance response is not required.

We also have six shared values which form the foundation and drive of our trust. All our staff apply the values in everything they do, and they will continue to work together to transform patient care.