Resilience Team

The Resilience Team is responsible in conjunction with Operational Managers and multi-agency colleagues, for ensuring that appropriate plans are in place based on risks and hazards which may affect the Trust. These arrangements are underpinned by the NWAS Major Incident Plan which is a generic document, designed to complement the arrangements contained within the following:

  • NWAS Departmental Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)
  • NARU Resource Escalation Action Plan (REAP)
  • NWAS Demand Management Plan
  • NWAS Pandemic Influenza Plan
  • NWAS Fuel Plan
  • NWAS Heatwave Plan
  • NWAS Strategic Winter Capacity Plan
  • Local Resilience Fora, multi-agency plans
  • Site specific contingency plans (including COMAH, sports stadia, transport hubs and other pre-determined response arrangements)
  • Event contingency plans (including mass gatherings and protests)