Patient Feedback Surveys


What we do with your feedback

A vital part of the NWAS NHS 111 Service is the knowledge that we are providing a safe and effective service to our patients. As part of this we aim to gain feedback on how calls and advice given is beneficial to the service user. After every call we ask the patients for their consent to send out patient experience survey.

Survey Results

Since NWAS stepped in as stability partner the Service has received 1612 responses to the patient experience survey that are sent out to patients once they have rang and been dealt with by the 111 team. From the responses and data there are some general trends that are appearing (from October 2013 - June 2015).

These are:

From the collation on the data from the patient surveys it can be seen that:

  • 99% of patients were either fully clear or partially clear of what to do next, from the advice given over the phone.
  • 92% of callers were either very satisfied or partially satisfied with the way NHS 111 handled the whole process.
  • 93% of service users found the advice given either very helpful or quite helpful.
  • 93% of patients are either extremely likely or likely to recommend the NHS 111 service to friends or family if they need similar advice or help.
  • 85% of callers were either completely better or improved, seven days after contacting NHS 111.

 At the end of the call:

  • 32% of patients made an appointment with an urgent care centre, walk-in centre, GP practice or other health professional.
  • 18% were advised attend an emergency department, walk-in centre, urgent care centre or minor injuries unit.
  • 14% were advised to see their GP at their normal practice
  • 14% were arranged an ambulance
  • 10% of callers were given advice on how to look after the problem themselves without contacting another service.
  • 2% advised to go to the pharmacy.

 What would you have done if NHS 111 had not been available?

  • 13% would make an appointment with GP or Nurse at normal practice.
  • 6% would visit an urgent care centre
  • 12% would call 999
  • 27% would go to an emergency department
  • 2% would have gone to a minor injuries unit
  • 14% would have visited a walk-in centre
  • 12% would have called NHS Direct
  • 3% would have gone to the pharmacy
  • 4% would have looked for information online
  • 3% would have asked the advice of family or friends
  • Finally 3% replied other.