About your Journey

PTS walking to a housePatient Transport is available for those who meet the current eligibility criteria.  When you request transport, you will be asked a series of questions which will help to determine the most suitable help and advice you need.  Sometimes this will mean that we will assist you by simply giving you useful information relating to alternative transport.  If you are attending hospital for either haemodialysis or cancer treatment, your unit or clinic will undertake an eligibility assessment directly with you to determine whether you qualify for patient transport.

If you are eligible to use our Service, you can expect the following:-

What you can expect from usWhat we would ask of you
If you are eligible for patient transport, your booking will be taken immediately and a unique booking reference number will be allocated to you. Please keep this safe in case you need to contact us. We would ask you to answer all questions relating to the eligibility criteria as accurately as possible and please make sure that you have your NHS Number to hand (this is often shown on your appointment letter or is available from your GP).

If you wish, we can arrange for a "transport booking reminder" to be provided to you three days prior to your appointment.

Additionally, notification will also be provided on the day of transport that they are the next patient to be collected. 

This may be done by text, email or voice message to the patient's telephone, depending on the patient's preference and information supplied at the time of booking.


We would ask that you tell us any information that might help us to deliver an even better service for you e.g. specify preferred access (knock on the front or back door) or indicate if you are hard of hearing.

We will provide transport that is comfortable and suitable for your individual mobility requirements and to ensure that you are properly secured in the vehicle with seatbelts or wheelchair restraints as appropriate.

We will ensure that our vehicles are fitted with the latest equipment to enable us to locate patient addresses quickly and efficiently and keep in regular contact with our control rooms to plan the most effective journey routes

We would ask that you tell the person you speak to within the call centre of any other specific needs you may have in order that we can make your journey as comfortable as possible.

We would ask that patients notify us prior to your journey with any useful information which would help us to locate an address more easily.

When making a booking directly with NWAS, you can expect…… 
75% of calls to be answered within 20 seconds

Before your transport arrives

What you can expect from usWhat we would ask of you
We will provide a Patient Transport Service which is delivered within a timely manner in line with the quality standards we are required to perform against. Where possible, we will give you an estimated collection time at the point of booking. We would ask you to be ready to travel at the estimated collection time if you have been given one. If you have been given an appointment card or letter please bring it with you along with any medication you require during the day.
Although distance and travel conditions must be taken into consideration, we will endeavour to ensure that your journey time should not exceed 60 minutes.

During your journey

What you can expect from usWhat we would ask of you
We will ensure that our staff always carry ID and introduce themselves to you on arrival. We would ask that you inform our staff of how you would prefer to be addressed (e.g. first name/Mrs etc.)
We will ensure our vehicles are appropriately equipped and subject to regular maintenance and safety checks.  The inside of the vehicles will be clean at all times and in the event of a vehicle becoming dirty during use, it will be taken out of service until it has been cleaned. We would ask that patients kindly refrain from eating and drinking whilst on board our vehicles.  Also please note that smoking is not permitted on board our vehicles.
We will ensure that you are treated and cared for by our staff who have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to provide an efficient and effective service to suit your needs. We ask that you treat our staff with consideration and respect and adhere to any specific safety advice they may give to you.  Please note that the wearing of seatbelts is compulsory unless medical exemption is provided.
We will ensure that you are treated with dignity and have your religious and cultural beliefs respected. Our services will be able to be accessed fairly by all, irrespective of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief. We would ask that you respect the religious and cultural beliefs of other patients travelling at the same time as you.  We would also request that you are dressed appropriately and are aware that both male and female patients may also travel with you.

Arriving at the hospital

What you can expect from usWhat we would ask of you
If required, we will ensure the transport staff will escort and book you into the specific clinic you are attending when you arrive at the hospital. We would ask that you notify our staff directly if you prefer not to be escorted.  After your appointment has finished, please ask the clinic you have attended to notify us that you are ready for your transport home. 

You can expect to arrive

  • Renal dialysis and oncology patients to arrive within 45 minutes of your appointment time on 90% of occasions.
  • Routine appointment patients to arrive within 60 minutes of your appointment time on 90% of occasions.
  • The clinic you are attending should know you are travelling by PTS and may need to be flexible with your appointment time.

From the point at which we are notified that you are ready, you will be collected

  • Within 60 minutes on 80% of occasions and no longer than 90 minutes on 90% of occasions.

Useful information to enhance your experience

What you can expect from usWhat we would ask of you
If due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to alter your transport arrangements at the last minute, we will notify both you and the relevant clinic if you have provided contact details We would ask for your understanding in such circumstances.

Let us know what you think

What you can expect from usWhat we would ask of you
We will regularly seek the views of our patients through a variety of methods to ensure we are responding to their needs.

We would ask that you notify NWAS of any compliments, comments, suggestions or concerns you may have about the service we are providing by telephoning 0345 112 6500, emailing patientexperience@nwas.nhs.uk or write to us: The Patient Experience Team, North West Ambulance Service Trust, 449-451 Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston PR3 5LN.

We will ensure that any other transport provider operating on our behalf will undertake their duties within our strict operating guidelines. If other transport providers fail to meet our service requirements, appropriate action will be taken. We would particularly welcome any feedback based on your experience of using our service.  You can share your experiences with us by either emailing talktous@nwas.nhs.uk or telephoning 0300 555 0110 or write to us: Patient Experience Team, North West Ambulance Service Trust, 449-451 Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston, PR3 5LN. 

Your Mobility

We provide a range of vehicle types and levels of care appropriate to your medical needs to ensure that you travel as safely and comfortably as possible.

It is important to make the call taker aware of your mobility and any additional needs you may have (including walking frames, wheelchairs, steps at your home address) so that the right type of transport can be provided for you.