You may be eligible to take an escort if you have a specific need. 

An escort is not an NWAS member of staff and is defined as:

  • A healthcare professional, relative or carer that accompanies an eligible patient on a journey in order to provide particular and necessary skills or services that may be required and cannot be provided by the PTS staff (e.g. to accompany a person with physical or mental incapacity, to act as a translator or to support the patient during their appointment/treatment); or
  • A person recognised as a parent or guardian of an eligible patient under the age of 16 years.

Please note that if an escort has not been booked in advance, they will not be able to travel with you on the day.

It is also important to remember that when travelling with the PTS you are in the care of healthcare professionals, who will accompany you to your appointment and assist with any mobility needs you may have.  

The Patient Transport Service is a limited service, therefore we only allow escorts to travel with those who have a genuine need for additional support. 

If you have any queries about escorts, please contact: 0800 0323 240.

Below are frequently asked questions which which may help answer any queries you may have:

Q: If an escort travels with a patient to hospital and they unexpectedly get admitted, will the escort be taken home by PTS?

A:  If a patient is admitted to hospital and therefore their return journey is cancelled, unfortunately we would not be able to take the escort back to the pick-up address.

Q: A patient has a hospital appointment and needs PTS, but they are a full time carer for their partner/child, are they able to travel too?

A:  Although we appreciate that this can be a difficult situation, unfortunately we are unable to allow a booking for an escort for this reason.

Q: A patient has an escort but they don’t live with the patient, can we pick them up from another address?

A: No.  All escorts must travel from and back to the same address as the patient.