Renal dialysis and cancer patients

PTS back of vehicleThe Trust recognises the diverse needs of the patients transported and offers a specialised service for those who need it such as renal dialysis and cancer patients.

The contract includes the provision of patient transport for renal dialysis patient appointments up until 19:30hrs with collection up until 01:00hrs Monday to Saturday including Bank Holidays and improved quality standards for both haemodialysis and cancer patients.

A detailed review of specialist patient services has also taken place with the aim of enhancing both the patient's and the receiving units' quality experience. 

An enhanced escalation procedure has been developed to ensure receiving units are clear who to speak to should a problem occur in relation to or affecting the provision of  patient transport.


Patients receiving renal dialysis or cancer treatment will also have to meet the eligibility criteria.  This will be determined by the staff at the unit or clinic they attend.

Patients receiving renal dialysis will be assessed before starting the treatment and then every six months to see if they still qualify.  Patients with cancer will be assessed every three months. 

Once assessed, patients do not have to book any transport themselves, this will be done by the staff at the unit or clinic they attend.

Renal and cancer