Frequent callers

The overwhelming majority of individuals or organisations who access the 999 system do so with legitimate healthcare requirements.  NWAS NHS Trust already has robust safeguarding procedures to ensure individuals identified as being at risk, are safeguarded against further risk or harm.  As part of that commitment, the Trust recognises that by monitoring the frequency of calls made by individuals or organisations, it may be possible to identify further individuals who are at risk, vulnerable or identify patients who are simply accessing the incorrect healthcare for their needs.  

Currently the Trust has a working group designing a reporting mechanism, which will identify callers who have accessed the 999 system at a set frequency.  The Trust is also currently working hard to produce a policy and procedure that will guide local managers on a safe and robust system of managing frequent callers.  It is envisaged that these procedures will ensure that patients who are accessing the 999 system are safeguarded from further risk, and when necessary are directed towards the most appropriate healthcare for their needs. 

More detailed information will be available from this site, as soon as the policy and procedure has been through the Trust's implementation process.