End of Life Care

A lot of people do not wish to die at home because family members would find it difficult and distressing. Thinking and talking about death and dying in a pracical sort of way can help break down the taboos that still exist.

The aim of End of Life Care is to provide sensitive and quality care for all dying patients irrespective of what they are dying from, and in all care settings such as Hospice, home, hospital, care home, enabling more people to have a choice of care at the End of Life.

End of Life Care would hopefully provide:

  • A decrease in the number of individuals who are admitted to hospital, despite having a wish to die at home.
  • Help reduce the number of individuals who are transferred from a care home to hospital in the last weeks of their life.
  • Educate health and social care staff (Doctors, Nurses, GP's and Ambulance) to understand the needs of those who are the end of life.

For further information regarding End of Life Care within the North West Ambulance Service please contact: eolc@nwas.nhs.uk