HCP Emergency services

As a Regional NHS Ambulance Trust, we are committed to providing the safest and best possible care for ALL our patients.  With this in mind, we are constantly looking at ways to improve how we communicate and build stronger links with GPs, healthcare professionals and NHS colleagues throughout the North West. 

Within this section designed for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) you will find information on how to access the services we provide and how we deal with your call.

How we prioritise calls; please use the HCP emergency admissions number, which is prioritised over the lines for urgent admissions, routien admissions and general bookings. Each time we receive a call, we categorise it into one of three categories, accoridng to natioanl ambulance standards.  To ensure hat ht epatient receives the most appropriate care in line with thei rimmediate care needs, it is important the the correct emergency response is requested.  There have been cases where an emergency, blue light response has been requested, when in fact an urgent response betwen 1-4 hours would have been more appropriate.

How your healthcare professional call will be triaged; All calls from HCPs are processed using the Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System (AMPDS) card 35, which is specific for HCP bookings. This system will ensure that any critical clinical conditions are identified early in the question sequence adn responded to immediately on blue lights.  It also enables us to respond to patient srequiring admission, within a timescale that is clinically appropraite to their needs, as determined by you.

Calling an ambulance: who will respond to your call?; there is a range of emrgency and non emergency ambulance responses avaialble to treat your patient depending upon the detail you provide during your call and the timescales required.  The resources are discussed in the HCP Admissions Information Booklet.

What type of ambulance response can I request?

There are four response levels for HCP bookings; for more detail please click on 'requesting an ambulance'.

An A3 poster is available to highlight the different types of emergency and urgent responses that can be requested from the ambulance trust.  Alternatively, please download a copy by clicking on the link below or requesting a copy from urgentcare.development@nwas.nhs.uk

Please note that you may be called by a Senior Clinician when resource demand is high.  This is to assess alternative transport options and explore transport via other resources, if available.  Your cooperation with this process is greatly appreciated.

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