Heart attack and stroke care

Cardiovascular disease accounts for almost two-thirds of premature deaths, and affects 1.8% of the population each year, resulting in stroke, heart attacks and transient ischeamic attacks (mini-strokes/TIAs).

The Health Organisation lead a project called the Ambulance Services Cardiovascular Quality Initiative - which aims to standardise, by sharing best practice, cardiovascular care by ambulance services across the UK.

Pre-hospital treatment, that paramedics offer, gives the patient the best chance of survival.

For Heart Attack treatment, patients should expect to be offered:

  • Aspirin
  • Glyceryl trinitrate
  • Wong-Baker faces pain rating - a picture chart to define your level of pain
    Pain relief

For Stroke treatment, patients should expect our staff to:

  • Perform a FAST test (link to FAST section in stroke)
  • Measure their blood glucose level
  • Measure their blood pressure level