North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) NHS Trust is a regulated provider of healthcare with a duty to protect patients and the public who receive care from its services.

NWAS is committed to safeguarding vulnerable persons from abuse and we strive to do this in a number of ways including: 

  • Providing our staff with training in line with the National Competencies Frameworks and reviewing this to ensure they have the knowledge and skills they require to identify abuse and make appropriate referrals.
  • Monitoring safeguarding referral activity and reporting this through our Committees to ensure our staff and managers are aware of the importance of this work.
  • Providing our Commissioner, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies with relevant data and action plans to show our commitment to improving our services and the care we provide.
  • Engaging with the Child and Adults Safeguarding Boards across the North West and working together to ensure lessons are learned when things go wrong.
  • Reviewing our internally reported incidents and identifying when practice needs to change or if staff need support or training.
  • Ensuring learning from serious incidents occurs at all levels of the organisation.
  • Communicating with our staff about what is working well and how their referrals have been processed.
  • Engaging with our public to find out your views and becoming involved in projects that help to promote dignity in care through awareness-raising with our staff.

Our policies and procedures

Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons Policy

Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons Procedure

Our referral process

When staff make a safeguarding referral they telephone the referral details to an NWAS Support Centre as soon after the incident as possible. This Centre provides support to NWAS staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The referral information is logged into a secure web-based system (ERISS) and a notification is sent to the relevant social services department. Safeguarding concern referral information is monitored and reported on as part of a Clinical Safety Indicator Care Bundle. This means the Board of Directors are assured that staff are able to make referrals within eight hours which is an internally set standard.

If further information is required the Safeguarding Team will endeavour to answer any questions. Often it is difficult to gain comprehensive information in Emergency situations however we will try to assist where possible. 

For more information and to provide feedback regarding how the referral has been processed please contact the Safeguarding team on 01204 498 4000 or 01228 403000. The team can also be emailed at or confidential and senstitive information can be emailed to

Safeguarding investigation processes and strategy meetings

Sometimes Safeguarding Incident (Strategy) or Child Death meetings happen at short notice.

NWAS will try to attend wherever possible but this can be difficult due to operational pressures. Nonetheless, we can provide information to inform the meetings and we will advise the Operations managers and the Advanced Paramedic in the area that a meeting has been called.

If you have a data protection concern or query, please contact Robin Ellis, Data Protection Officer on