Information Fact Sheets

The Patient Safety Team are often asked to respond to general enquiries. From our experience we have put together the following information and factsheets to assist you with any questions you may have about our services.  

What if I am concerned an ambulance will not be able to find my property?

It is possible for us to apply an address information flag to a property that may be difficult to locate, have a specific access route or restricted access properties ie. properties with door codes.

When an address flag is recorded against a property this allows the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to inform the attending ambulance personnel of any relevant access information.

If you would like to notify us of any concerns relating to your address please complete the following form by clicking here.

I have a medical condition which I would like flagging against my address

On some occasions it may be important to inform us of your medical condition. If you are a neck breather or have a condition which means you need to be transported to a specific hospital than you consult your GP or Consultant who should inform us of your condition. Once you have had the opportunity to discuss with your GP or Consultant please complete this form.

If you have not found the information that you require, please complete the Trust's General Enquiry form or contact us on 0345 112 6500 or at