LGBT Network


The LGBT Staff Network was launched in 2009 to provide a forum for LGBT staff to share experiences, provide support, help the organisation to understand LGBT issues and to provide social opportunities for staff to meet. The Network wants to create a work environment which is open, supportive and promotes equality of opportunity and recognises that currently not all staff are comfortable to be out in the work environment.

The launch event in July 2009 was facilitated by Stonewall and helped staff to identify what they wanted to achieve with a network. These aims are now reflected in a terms of reference but the main objectives of the group are:

  • To work with the trust to educate managers, eliminate discrimination experienced by LGBT staff and to influence policy
  • To share an understanding of the experiences of LGBT staff and patients
  • To celebrate difference and diversity through internal communications and involvement in key regional PRIDE events
  • To provide support and signposting mechanisms for staff
  • To support the public health message in LGBT communities and help identify service delivery issues for the community
  • To provide opportunities to social networking within and external to the Trust

The Network has also identified some key objectives that it wants to achieve over 2010-11 which include:

  • Growing active membership of the network and increasing visibility
  • Ensuring a positive presence at key regional PRIDE events
  • Surveying LGBT staff and recommending changes based on the findings
  • Investigating the benefits of the Navajo project to help improve services to LGBT communities.

How do you get involved?

The network has two day long events per year. These events are part development with a number of speakers attending the event in May and allow the network to discuss issues affecting staff. In addition, there are informal meetings to support PRIDE attendance and to take forward individual issues.

The network is also making links with other networks in the region, both employment and community based, and staff might be interested in getting involved in this aspect of the network.

Alternatively the network is keen to organise social events which give staff the opportunity to get together in a less formal setting to socialise and discuss any issues which concern them.

The network is currently administered by LGBT staff and this is shared between Dominic Gaffney (as Lead) and nominated colleagues to support Greater Manchester, Cheshire/Merseyside and Cumbria/Lancashire areas. 

They can be contacted via the confidential email account and maintain a distribution list to keep you informed of activities. 

If you wish to join the network and the distribution list, please email