How we make decisions

Trust Board Meetings

We are governed by a Trust Board, which meets 10 times a year at our Headquarters site at Ladybridge Hall in Bolton.

The Board of Directors is made up of 11 members.  There is a Non-Executive Chairman and five Non-Executive Directors together with five Executive Directors (including the Chief Executive).

The public may attend these meetings and meeting papers are published on this site.

Patient and public engagement

NWAS continues to be committed to delivering the highest level of quality of care to the patients of the North West and recognises the essential role patients and the public have in informing the processes for delivery of their care, how services are designed to support this and how the Trust develops in the future.

NWAS recognises the key fundamental objectives for involving patients and the public in;

  • Strengthening accountability to local communities
  • Ensuring a health service that genuinely responds to patients and carers.
  • Facilitating a sense of ownership and trust within the community and Trust.

The Board has established a Communities Sub-Committee which monitors and scrutinises our PPE activities and reports to the Board of Directors.  Our approach to collecting feedback from patients on their experience of care and our commitment to stakeholder engagement is detailed in our Communications and Engagement Strategy.