What are our priorities and how are we doing

Core Aims

NWAS has the following core aims:

  • To provide the best possible service to the public through effective integration within the NHS in accordance with the NHS Plan.
  • To deliver the highest standards of professional pre-hospital care, involving the appropriate stakeholders in the decision-making process and seeking constantly to improve the working lives of all staff.
  • Adherence to the NHS Clinical Governance Framework through continuing professional development.
  • To maximise available resources and the efficiency with which they are used, to enable us to deliver these aims.

Control Measures

The Trust measures itself in terms of performance through the regular audit processes of the Assurance Framework, audit of response times, Clinical Audit, Complaints (and compliments), Healthcare Governance, Caldicott reporting as appropriate and regular Executive team and Board reviews of performance management.

The Trust also operates a well practiced and understood untoward incident system.
The Trust is regulated against the combined ambulance standards through the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) and the Risk Pooling Scheme for Trusts (RPST). The Trust operates with contracted internal and external auditors.

Information on the Trust's development and progress is available via a number of areas on our website.