Privacy Notice

Your information

This page explains to you why North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) needs to collect your personal information, how it may be used and your rights.

Why does NWAS collect information about you?

Information is collected to ensure that you receive the best and most appropriate care and treatment.

NWAS also records all 999 calls for the purposes of patient care, staff training and untoward incidents.

Does NWAS use the information for anything else?

Yes.  It may also be used for other legitimate reasons, such as:

  • Helping staff to review the care provided to ensure the highest standards of care are maintained
  • Training and educating staff
  • Managing and planning the Trust:
  • Ensuring our services can meet the future needs of patients
  • Preparing statistics on the performance and activity of the Trust
  • Financial control and audit
  • Audits
  • Research & Development

However, only general details relating to your health and care will be used.  Your personal information will be removed so it will not be possible to identify you.

Is the information given to anyone else?

You may be receiving care from other people within the NHS.  In order that we can all work together for your benefit, we may need to share information about you.  There are strict control measures in place to ensure that any information we share is only passed to the person who has a right to see it.

Is information used for research?

Certain information may be used.  However, wherever possible, steps will be taken to ensure that you cannot be identified, as an individual, on any information we may pass on.  In the unlikely event that you will need to be identified, all reasonable steps will be taken to obtain your consent beforehand.  Before any research can be undertaken, certain steps must be taken to obtain agreement from ethics committees.

Information Sharing Agreements

As a Trust  we will sometimes be asked to share information with other organisations.  We will always ensure that a formal agreement is in place detailing what information will be used for and how it will be kept secure and confidential.  These agreements are reviewed on an annual basis.

What responsibilities does NWAS have regarding your information?

NWAS is committed to managing information which we hold about you within the law.  The Data Protection Act 1998 legislates for the protection of personal information about living individuals.  This Act details how we must process and manage your information, who it may be legally shared with and your rights.  Further information on the Data Protection Act 1998 can be found on the Information Commissioner's website

What rights do you have?

The Data Protection Act gives individuals several rights with regard to their personal information.  These include the right of access to personal information.  As an individual, you have a right of access to personal information the Trust may hold about you - this is known as the 'Right of Subject Access'.

In order to access your information, you will be required to make a written request.  You will be asked to supply a form of identification in order that we can be sure we are releasing information to someone who is legally entitled to  it.  Also, there is a charge for this service £25: 00 for the release of a Patient Report Form.

For further information regarding subject access request please contact :

Legal Department
North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Ladybridge Hall Headquarters
Chorley New Road

The NHS Care Record Guarantee

The NHS has made a commitment to 'use records about you in ways that respect your rights and promote your health and wellbeing'.

This commitment has been made within the 'Care Record Guarantee'.  This document outlines the national NHS approach to how your information is used and who may have access.  NWAS is committed to abiding by this Guarantee.  Click here to read the full 'Care Record Guarantee'