Listening to you

North West Ambulance Service welcomes all feedback from its patients, partners and other service users. All feedback will be considered and where possible we will make changes to improve, enhance or modify our services.

We have produced a new information leaflet for those patients who use the Patient Transport Service which provides information about what they can expect when travelling with the Patient Transport Service.  

A number of hospitals and GP Surgeries are displaying this in their waiting areas.

The Trust has made extensive use of patient stories as an important learning tool. The Trust has to date produced 24 stories. The stories are filmed using actors but based on real life situations, inspired by patient survey feedback, interviews with patients, complaints, compliments and experiences shared via community groups across the region.  

Following feedback received from our attendance at community events, it was highlighted how communication issues can be a barrier to receiving prompt emergency care. As a result of this feedback the Pictorial handbook was updated to help as a communication tool, making it easier to use for both Patients and Ambulance crews. The pictorial handbooks are now available on all Emergency and Patient Transport ambulances.